\ \ There are four distinct words chap in English. The oldest, ‘sore on the skin’ [14], originally meant more generally ‘crack, split’, and may be related to Middle Low German kappenchop off’; it seems ultimately to be the same word as chopcut’. Chapjaw’ [16] (as in Bath chaps) is probably a variant of chop (as in ‘lick one’s chops’). Chapfellow’ [16] originally meant ‘customer’; it is an abbreviation of chapmantrader’ [OE] (source of the common surname, but now obsolete as an ordinary noun), whose first element is related to English cheap. Chapsleggings’ [19] is short for Mexican Spanish chaparreras, a derivative of Spanish chaparroevergreen oak’; they were named from their use in protecting the legs of riders from the low thick scrub that grows in Mexico and Texas (named with another derivative of chaparro, chaparral). Chaparro itself probably comes from Basque txapar, a diminutive of sapharthicket’.

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