\ \ [14] Etymologically, diocese means ‘administration’, and only gradually did the word become more concrete and specific, via ‘area administered, province’ to ‘ecclesiastical province’. It comes ultimately from Greek dioíkēsis, a derivative of dioikeinkeep house’, hence ‘administer’; this was a compound verb formed from the intensive prefix dia- and oikeininhabit’, which in turn was a derivative of oikoshouse’ (a distant relative of the -wich, -wick ending in some British place-names). Its ecclesiastical meaning developed in Greek, and came to the fore as the word passed via Latin dioecēsis and late Latin diocēsis into Old French diocise (source of English diocese). In English that has always been the only living sense of the word, although it has been used in historical contexts to refer to provinces of the Roman empire.

Word origins - 2ed. . 2005.

, , , (of a bishop)

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