\ \ [12] Forlorn began life as the past participle of Old English forlēosanlose completely, forfeit, abandon’, a compound verb formed in prehistoric Germanic times from the intensive prefix *fer- and *leusan (a relative of modern English lose). It retains some of its early connotations of being ‘abandoned’, but the main modern sense ‘miserable, downcast’ developed in the 14th century. The forlorn of forlorn hope [16], incidentally, is a translation of the related Dutch verlorenlost’, but hope has no etymological connection with English hope. It is simply an anglicization of Dutch hooptroop, band’ (to which English heap is related). The word was originally used for a squad of soldiers sent out on a very dangerous mission, with little hope that they would return. The modern sense ‘hopeless undertaking’ developed in the 17th century, ‘misguided hope’ probably even more recently.
\ \ Cf.LOSE

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