\ \ [OE] Etymologically, a heathen is ‘someone who lives on the heath’ – that is, someone who lives in a wild upcountry area, and is uncivilized and savage (the word was derived in prehistoric Germanic times from *khaithizheath’, and is also represented in German heide, Dutch heiden, and Swedish and Danish heden).
\ \ Its specific use for ‘person who is not a Christian’ seems to have been directly inspired by Latin pāgānus (source of English pagan), which likewise originally meant ‘countrydweller’. (Etymologically, savages too were to begin with dwellers in ‘wild woodland’ areas, while civilized or urbane people lived in cities or towns.) The now archaic hoydenhigh-spirited girl’ [16] was borrowed from Dutch heidenheathen’.

Word origins - 2ed. . 2005.


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