\ \ [16] Hubbub is an Irish contribution to English. It comes from Irish Gaelic hooboobbes, which appears to be related to the Old Irish battle-cry abú. This was a derivative of buidevictory’ (a relative of which across the Irish Sea formed the basis of the name Boudicca or Boadicea, the Ancient Britons’ version of Victoria). English acquired the word (and the now disused longer form hubbuboo) in the mid 16th century, and originally used it for the ‘warcry of a savage tribe’; the modern sense ‘noisy turmoil’ developed in the 17th century.

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  • Hubbub — Hub bub, n. [Cf. {Whoobub}, {Whoop}, {Hoop}, v. i.] A loud noise of many confused voices; a tumult; uproar. Milton. [1913 Webster] This hubbub of unmeaning words. Macaulay. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • hubbub — index bluster (commotion), brawl, noise, riot Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • hubbub — 1550s, whobub confused noise, generally believed to be of Irish origin, perhaps from Gaelic ub!, expression of aversion or contempt, or O.Ir. battle cry abu, from buide victory …   Etymology dictionary

  • hubbub — *din, uproar, pandemonium, hullabaloo, babel, clamor, racket …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • hubbub — [n] commotion, disorder babel, bedlam, brouhaha*, clamor, confusion, din, disturbance, fuss, hassle, hell broke loose*, hue and cry*, hullabaloo*, hurly burly*, jangle, noise, pandemonium, racket, riot, rowdydow*, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, to do* …   New thesaurus

  • hubbub — ► NOUN 1) a chaotic din caused by a crowd. 2) a busy, noisy situation. ORIGIN perhaps Irish …   English terms dictionary

  • hubbub — [hub′bub΄, hu′bub] n. [prob. < Celt, as in Gael ubub, exclamation of aversion] a confused sound of many voices; uproar; tumult SYN. NOISE …   English World dictionary

  • hubbub — hub·bub (hŭb’ŭb′) n. 1) A loud confusing noise: » could not be heard over the hubbub of the crowd. 2) A confused situation; a tumult: » returned to the hubbub of the city after a peaceful weekend in the country. See Synonyms at NOISE(Cf. ↑noise) …   Word Histories

  • hubbub — [[t]hʌ̱bʌb[/t]] hubbubs 1) N VAR: oft N of n A hubbub is a noise made by a lot of people all talking or shouting at the same time. [WRITTEN] There was a hubbub of excited conversation from over a thousand people. 2) N SING: also no det You can… …   English dictionary

  • hubbub — hub|bub [ hʌ,bʌb ] noun singular or uncount 1. ) the noise of a lot of people talking at the same time, especially when they are angry or excited: Her voice was barely audible in the growing hubbub. 2. ) a situation in which a lot of people or… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • hubbub — UK [ˈhʌbʌb] / US [ˈhʌˌbʌb] noun [singular/uncountable] 1) the noise of a lot of people talking at the same time, especially when they are angry or excited Her voice was barely audible in the growing hubbub. 2) a situation in which a lot of people …   English dictionary

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